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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Blog, New Century

Having finally decided, after years of deferring the matter, to start a blog, I find myself in the agreeable position of having to decide what it should be about. Beyond the fact that it exists under the banner of my musical work with the labyrinth as both metaphor and practicum, its purview is an open one. I can however frame a focus by invoking the musical term ricercar, meaning to search out, to explore the permutations of a given motif, by which is here meant the alchemical marriage of music, mind and spirit.

Twentieth-century music having fading into history, we hold vigil for its successor. Modernism and post-modernism having razed the old, we await a new consciousness that will raise the new. Bridges were burned, by which light new bridges could be built. Bridges over the great chasm separating what has passed away and that which has yet to be born.

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