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Sunday, November 12, 2017

New Horizons

I am very taken with Paul Hedderman's view of Mind and realization. At some point I hope to work with him in forging a functional link between the non-duality he is sharing and art music as it may now begin to manifest in the West. The catalyst and the catalyzed . . . without a catalyzer. Which for me, in my non-non-humble non-opinion, is where the whole thing has effectively been taking us, by way of the long march of classical music in its thousand-year journey. Classical music, the sadhana of the West: esoteric music as the handmaid of and antidote to exoteric religion.

It is time for art music to move from time to the timeless. From theistic to non-theistic energy. In the wake of the Twilight of the Idols, how else can it be? After the great inconoclastic eruptions and the ensuing dark nights of the past century, is this not the moment? What more need be said? What more need be seen through? What more need be done? It is already here. Music's destiny is to sing - and to be - the victory song of that consummate non-dual freedom. 

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